After the Thunder

The October 15th issue,Volume 01 Number 06, is out and is available from San Ysidro to La Cueva!

The Jemez Valley Vacation Guide 2021-2022
Vol 01 No 01 August 1, 2021
Vol 01 No 02 August 15, 2021
Vol 01 No 03 September 1, 2021
Vol 01 No 04 September 15, 2021
Vol 01 No 05 October 1, 2021
Vol 01 No 06 October 15, 2021

“I picked up a copy of After the Thunder at Amanda’s today. Scanned through it and I like it! The outdoor calendar on page 6 is an excellent resource. Lots of information on the happenings and businesses around our area without any political editorials or cartoons. Thanks Billy Ehret! We are looking forward to your publication. All the best.”
-Donna Felker

“Great job, Billy Ehret! Looks fantastic. Thank you.”
-Margie Leather

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